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Acelet-Scheduler is a job scheduling software for task scheduling. Acelet-Scheduler consists of  Super-Scheduler and Super-Watchdog. They are twin software.

Acelet Scheduler

Both Super-Scheduler and Super-Watchdog are for all system and application job scheduling. Both can be run on any node of the network at any time. Both can run on any platforms which support Java, for example, Linix (Redhat, Ubuntu..), Solaris and Windows.

Acelet Scheduler Infrastructure

Acelet-Scheduler works-out-of-the-box. No programming is required.

No database maintenance is required: Acelet Scheduler maintains the task database itself (delete retired records...).

Acelet-Scheduler is written entirely in Java. It is platform neutral. Acelet-Scheduler works for both homogeneous (for example, all nodes are Windows) and heterogeneous (for example, mix of Windows and Linux) network.

comes with both Open-source Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Other software packages

Acelet-Filer is cross-platform file manager.

 Acelet-Log is a logging and debugging toolkit.. It consists of:

 Acelet-Log combines Limpid Log and Audit Log under one roof.

Limpid Log is a revolutionary logging system. You do not need to hard code log statements. At runtime, you can register a class of interest and the system will log all important information about the class. When you are done, you can de-register the class and the class will not generate any log information anymore.

Audit Log is log for auditing as a plug-in of Limpid Log.

Mortage software as mortgage calculator with ability for additional payments.


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