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Limpid Log: log for debugging without log statements

      Get everything without doing anything!  

Known supporters: Super Log and Limpid Debugger which replays the data.



Limpid Log is a revolutionary logging system. You do not need to hard code log statements. At runtime, you can register a class of interest and the system will log all important information about the class. When you are done, you can de-register the class and the class will not generate any log information anymore.

Limpid Log is for J2EE logging, Java EE logging and Java Logging (Java logging for standalone Java application). Limpid Log supports J2EE applications,  Java EE applications and standalone Java applications.

See Limpid Log document for more information.

Limpid Log is an open source project hosted at: SourceForge.net.

If you get this page from downloaded software, check out http://www.acelet.com/limpidlog/ to see if that is a newer version.

Limpid Log supports Netbeans with GUI management as Netbeans plug-in.

LimpidLog (one word name) is the program name of Limpid Log.

Free, Open source software

Limpid Log is an open source program with GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE VERSION 2. It is free.

GUI debugger

Limpid Log logs critical information about the execution of the program. But the raw data from Limpid Log, like the data from other logging system, is difficult to read by human. There is a need for a debugger/tracer which can debug/trace the execution. Debugger/tracer is out of the scope of Limpid Log. Limpid Debugger supports Limpid Log providing similar functionality of a GUI debugger.


See FAQ.


Limpid Log is an open source program with GNU General Public License v2 license.

Version 4.10

Download binary from here.

Download GUI manager as Netbeans' plug-in from here. Note: Microsoft Internet Explore may rename it as limpidlogXXX.zip. You need to rename it to limpidlogXXX.nbm after download.

Download source files from here.

You can also download from:

What information do we need to trace your error

When you get errors, try to register one class at a time to find which class generates the error.
We need the following information:

1. The error message.

2. Some files:

Please send these files from web page http://www.acelet.com/company/contact.php.  

Contribution wanted

Any contribution will be appreciated. Either as a contributor or as a partner for a separated project.

Thanks in advance.

Comments and questions welcome

Please visit http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=591465 (SourceForge.net) for comments and questions.

Third party software

Included ASM from ObjectWeb: http://asm.objectweb.org/. Open source license.


Apr. 2008 Version 4.10

Jan. 2008 Version 4.00

Sept 2007 Version 2.00

Fix threading issues.

May 2007: Version 1.40

Bug fix. Format changes.

Feb. 2007: Version 1.30

Bug fix. Format changes for File log. Add Exception handling.

Jan. 2007: Version 1.20

Bug fix. Format changes.

Oct. 2006: Version 1.10

Add database support.

August 2006: Version 1.00. With rewritten bytecode part. Fully working. With line number event. Log records are ready for GUI tracer ("debugger").

July 2006: Version 0.00 - 0.20. Initial releases.


Limpid Log is listed on many websites, such as SoftPedia.

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