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Limpid Debugger: The GUI debugger for Limpid Log

Limpid Debugger functions like a regular debugger. But it uses complete different mechanism. Limpid Debugger reads records of Limpid Log and replays the records to simulate what had happed at the runtime of the application. The original runtime environment for the application is not required during replay. Limpid Debugger is a GUI tool, just like any other GUI debugger. The main differences from regular GUI debugger are:

There is no need to hard code log statement for Limpid Log. You log, as needed, at the runtime of your application.

Limpid Debugger and Limpid Log are particularly useful if you can not control the execution of your application and/or you can not debug your application. For example, a J2EE application runs at a data center, a Java application runs at your client site. Limpid Log-Limpid Debugger will replace traditional log and trace.

Limpid Debugger is a reader and interpreter for Limpid Log.

LimpidDebugger (one word name) is the program name of Limpid Debugger.

Limpid Debugger is for Java. It is platform neutral. it has been tested on the following platforms:

See Overview, Tour and FAQ for more information about Limpid Debugger.


Limpid Debugger is part of Acelet-Log. Please download Acelet-Log from here. Limpid Debugger is free. The Limpid Debugger in the free Standard Edition of Acelet-Log does not have any limitation.

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