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Super Log: combines Limpid Log and Audit Log under one roof for Java and J2EE

Super Log combines Limpid Log and Audit Log under one roof as a logging system for Java and J2EE. It is a Java tool, J2EE tool, a Java EE tool. It is written entirely in Java. It is for recording events and messages. It is dynamically re-configurable at runtime. Super Log is the evolved version of former SuperLogging.

There are two purposes of logging: log for auditing and log for debugging.

Log for auditing is part of business logic of the application. For example, you want record the resources that a user visited. You know what to log at the development time. This is relatively easy.

Log for debugging is not part of business logic. You do not really know what to log at the development time, so you just generally hard-code many logging statements, hopping some statements will record useful debug information when you need later.

Limpid Log is log for debugging while Audit Log is log for auditing. The purposes and the issues for these two types of logging are very different. Super Log combines these two kind of logging together.

Both Limpid Log and Audit Log are an open source projects.

SuperLog (one word name) is the program name of Super Log.

Sample screenshots


See Limpid Log document and Audit Log document for detailed information.

There is a related product Super Log Reader. Super Log Reader provides a syntax color highlighting and search facilities as a log data reader.

See Super Log tutorial for more information.

See more information from White Paper:


Super Log is part of Acelet-Log.

Acelet-Log 5.01

Anonymous download Acelet-Log EE free Standard Edition.  See What is new?

The following modules are included: 

The Standard Edition comes with full feature without limitation. It is freeware.

Beta programs may be available. Click here to see more information.


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