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Easy Webservice: Web Service tool for all Web Service servers: J2EE, Grid and .NET

Easy Webservice (former SuperWebservice) is a tool for Web Service management, a tool for SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture). It is a tool for business-to-business (B2B) integration.

Easy Webservice is a universal client of Web Service. It support both standard Web Service as stateless service and Grid Computing Web Service as stateful service. It is platform neutral. It allows you to do the following things visually:

No programming is required. Your keyboard is necessary if you want input values for the invocation.

Easy Webservice invokes Web Services dynamically. There is no need for stubs or other bindings. A WSDL is all needed for consuming a Web Service.

When you get a WSDL, either from UDDI explorer or other source, Easy Webservice will list all available services, ports and operations. Easy Webservice also lists all parameter names and types, so you can easily key in parameter values for your invocation.

Easy Webservice is entirely written in Java. It is platform neutral and J2EE, Java EE, Microsoft .NET vendor neutral.

Easy Webservice supports all standard compliant Web Servers, including all J2EE servers, Microsoft .NET.

Easy Webservice supports the following servers:

Super is platform neutral. it has been tested on the following platforms:

See Overview  and Tutorial  for more information.


Easy Webservice is part of Acelet-Scheduler EE. Please download Acelet-Scheduler EE from here.

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