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Logging and debugging for Java and J2EE

Logging and debugging is part of life for Java developers and administrators. Especially for J2EE. Traditionally, you hard-code log statements, use JDK logging or Log4J, at development time. Then enable logging at runtime. When needed, you read the log file yourself. But log file is very difficult to read by human.

With the introduction of Limpid Log, you do not need to hard-code any log statements. You only need to dynamically register/deregister a Java class of interest, Limpid Log will generate all debug information automatically for you. You get everything without doing anything. It is very good.

There is something even better. When you get log data, you do not need to read the data yourself. With the introduction of Limpid Debugger, Limpid Debuggerreads the data and presents and interprets the data as a source code level debugger. Limpid Debuggeris a GUI debugger, similar to NetBeans and Eclipse, with all debug functionalities. You can even debug backward when you realized that you have gone too far.

LimpidLog-LimpidDebug is a two-phase logging-debug process. It is not as convenient as traditional debugging. But it is very useful and very powerful when a traditional debugger can not be used, for example, an application running in a data center on production. The relationship between LimpidLog and LimpidDebugger is shown in the following figure:

The following is an example screenshot of LimpidDebugger:

See related paper: Loging In The J2EE World: log for debugging and for audit.

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