Translate Acelet to another human language does not require any computer programming. All related files are either a text file or html files.
You can use online translate program (such as to help you. It will save you a lot of typing, but it is not perfect. It needs human touch.

Level 1

1. The most important file is a text file (called properties file) which contains all the words a user sees when the user uses Acelet App. It is about 1,000 lines, it is about 3 words to translate for each line on average. Example:
tx_courtAssigned=Court assigned
tx_courtCondition_BACK_TO_SERVICE=Back to service
Each line is divided into two parts by an equal-sign. The left side of equal-sign is a programming key. Please so not touch it. The right side of equal-sign is the words to be translated.
The difficulty for this translate is that each line is by itself, sometimes there are not enough context to translate. So we need to work together.

2. Home page of Acelet. It is two small html pages. It would be easier.
At this point, with above files translated, Acelet App will run for the translated language.

Level 2

This level is mainly for tournament managers, especially for newcomers.
1. Tutorial files. It is in html format.
2. Help html. It is in html format.
At this point, Acelet App fully functions.

Level 3

Other html files.

Notes for translate Level-1 properties file

What software to use to edit properties file

Properties file is a text file. Any text editor will do. For example, Windows notepad.
If you use Microsoft word to edit it, you need save it as text file. What file name you saved does not matter: we will change it if needed.

Notes for some key-values


"Camp" is one side of competition in team competition format (friendship format). In Friendship format, I divide players in "division". If "division" is 4, "Camp size" must be multiple of 4 and 2, such as 8, 16, 32,...


give up, terminate the process, a verb.


In most of software, there is a button "about" it is information about the software, a noun.


When other people invite you to a team, you agree to join. A verb.


short for application. Now, most of software in mobile world is called as an "App"

tx_acceptInquiryAsPerson=Accept inquiry as person

A person is searchable in Acelet, search directly or through a link in match or somewhere. Any one can send a person email (not directly, but through acelet-data-center-rally, so no one see the other's email address, for privacy). Some one has privacy concern can opt-out inquiry. Please ignore "as person", just translate "Accept inquiry" please. Do not change the key (left-side of the equation mark). This is an action, like a verb.


"Consultant" is a person who knows Acelet, can help tournament director to setup, operate tournaments. You will be a consultant for Acelet.. This is an action, the words on a button.


"Operator" is a person who helps tournament management. It is similar to "Consultant", but with less power.

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