Tutorial: Make draw

Let's use a live testing tournament to demonstrate the procedure.

1. Go to My Acelet from the navigation menu

2. On My Acelet page

Select Create then Test tournament.

3. Create test tournament page appears

Select Create Test Tournament for making draw button.
Click on Help button if you need more information.

4. The Successful page appears

Click on Close to close it.

5. Created test tournament Test appears

This test tournament is filled with enough data that it is ready to make random draws. But this tutorial will make a fixed draw for repeatable reading.
Draw is at event level. So we need to go to events.
Click Events.

6.Tournament events page appears

Let's click on the engineers event.

7. The selected event page appears

Click on the page menu.

Click on Make draw.

8. Draw for elimination format page appears

You can click a seed to open Update seed page to specify the seeds for players. But we do not use seed in this tutorial.
Let's click on Make draw button.

9. A confirm page appears

This is a confirmation page. Just click Make draw.

10. Page Draw is done appears

Just click on Ok.

11. Draw page appears

This is the Draw.
Note: the draws are not random on tutorials for repeatable reading.

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