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The most popular formats are: single-elimination, double-elimination and pool-playoff.

Single elimination
Pros: Simple. It is simple for both players and management. Have relatively fewer matches.
Cons: "brutal". Players is eliminated by one mistake.

Double elimination
Pros: Every player has second chance to stay in tournament.
Cons: Management is more complicated than single-elimination format. There are more matches, so needs more resource from facilities.

Pros: More fair for players: one or two mistakes can be 'forgiven '. Have most number of matches among these three formats.
Cons: Management is the most complicated among these three formats. Has the most number of matches among these three formats.

Using Acelet software, the complicity of management is not a big issue. So you can focus on other issues when you choose tournament formats. With automatic court and match queue management, the courts' usage is efficient, so you can use fewer facilities to hold bigger tournament.

Number of matches for different formats

The following table tells you how many matches for each format and size of draw.
Note: if your registration is not full, there will be some 'byes'. In that case, the number of matches will be smaller.

Size of draw Single elimination Double elimination Pool 1 - playoff Pool 2 - playoff Pool 4 - playoff Pool 8 - playoff
2 1
4 3 3+1=4 6+1=7
8 7 7+5=12 28+1=29 12+2=14
16 15 15+13=28 120+1=121 56+7=31 48+7=56
32 31 31+29=60 496+1=497 240+3=243 128+7=135 48+15=63
64 63 63+61=124
128 127
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