Software: tx_translation


Translate Acelet to another human language does not need any computer programming. All related files are either a text file or html files.
We will use a computer to translate all files to save some typing work for you. But they need human touch. For example, "Court" is a place to play sport for us, but computers think that is a branch in justice system.

First step

1. The most important file is a text file (called properties file) which contains all the words a use sees when the user uses Acelet App. It is about 1,100 lines, it is about 3 words to translate for each line on average. Example:
tx_courtAssigned=Court assigned
tx_courtCondition_BACK_TO_SERVICE=Back to service
Each line is divided into two parts by a equal-sign. The left side of equal-sign is a programming key. Please so not touch it. The right side of equal sign is the words to be translated.
The difficulty for this translate is that each line is by itself, sometimes there are not enough context to translate. So we need to work together.

2. Home page of Acelet. It is a small html page. At this point, with two above file translated, Acelet App will run for translated language.

Second step

1. Tutorial files. It is in html format.
2. Help html. It is in html format.
At this point, Acelet App fully functions.

Third step

Other html files.

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