Tutorial: Register for tournament as player

Tutorial: Register as player for tournament

1. Go to My Acelet from the navigation menu

2. On My Acelet page

Select Search then Tournament.

3. Search tournaments page appears

The best way for search is search first few characters (starting characters), now, let's key in enRegisterExample, then click on Search.
Search result appears:

There are may be more than one tournament found, but we have only one as this tutorial. Click it.
Click Register example.

4. Tournaments page appears

5. Tournament page appears

Tournament page appears. Player registration is at event level, so we need to go to events.
Click on Events.

6. Tournament events page appears

Let's click on Mixed doubles.

7. Event page appears

Click on page menu, then Register as player

8. Register page appears

Click on Register to continue.

9. Confirm page appears

Click on Register to continue.

10. Successful page appears

Note: This page tells your position in the registration. If your number is greater than Max draw size, you are in the waiting list.

Note: in this tour, we have chosen Mixed doubles event. But if we had chosen Men singles or Women singles event, you would not see the part of message marked in the red box. The process of registering would be finished by now.

The following pages are for team register (include 2 members team).
Note: this register is for team register. At this point, you have not specified your partner (team member), so the team name is not completed yet. The next page will allow you to invite your team member.
Now click on Ok to close this page.

11. Team page appears

Click on the Invite member button.

12. Team member candidate page appears

You need to specify the email address for your member. Then follow the instruction to finish this process.

Session will expire soon

Session will expire soon

Session timeout'd

Session timeout'd

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